Table lines


This table is made of wood and plastic. By connecting split wooden pieces to each other with epoxy, a new material is created. This material can be used to make new products such as a table.


Bij connecting the old wood into one, the disconnected pieces become one again. Thus creating a story of old and new.



My creative portfolio made before, during and after my studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

Imperfection chair


By turning this chairs upholstery inside out the seams and flaws of the chair become visible. The seams of the chair become decorative and the variation makes each chair unique.

Braceknits 2.0


Necklaces made of textile rope and knitted strings combined with galvanized metal tubes.

Loop chair


The Loop Chair for Casamania is part chaise part carpet.


Inspired by my interest in the technique of tufting, which is typically used to make rugs, I created a simple metal frame over which to loop the textiles in different shapes. As the chaise drops to the floor, the loops become exaggerated until they fan out onto the floor.

Flexible wall furniture


With this wall you can create a division in a room by simply pulling the wall down. By using the technique of a garland and light and thin material you can push the wall together into a compact bundle or create a significant wall by pulling it out.


By using colour and soft materials tactility is also brought into the room. The openness of the wall shows that not much is needed to create a separation and the feeling of privacy.



These bracelets and necklaces are made from knitted socks combined with a metal or porcelain piece.

Thousand in one shapes candleholder


This candleholder produced by Present Time Leitmotiv can be bend into any shape you like.

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