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AUGUST 30, 2014


A wedding day is a design on itself. I "designed" my own wedding day and must admit that I am quite proud of it. I get a lot of pleasure out of the organization and creation of the decoration and styling .


We got married in a small church in Tienhoven. The rest of the day took place at my parents house, which used to be a farm. We held the reception in the garden and placed a big tent in the garden to have dinner with 90 people. During the dinner there were two people who sang and played the piano. Afterwards we danced in the big space that used to be the cow shelter.


The people that helped us or that we hired were all close to us. The woman that married us is a friend of my parents, the catering a friend of my cousin, the photographer an old high school friend and so on.






My home gets more and more filled with art pieces. And they definitely don't have to be expensive! I am fond of this dancing dog that I found at the Design fair in Paris. It looks so much like our dog, who really makes us so Dog Gone Happy too.



My husband turned 30 and we had a nice family celebration.


The Hummingbird cake I am most proud of!




I love digging for treasures. It started when I was young with a collection of Scotty-dog items (we had a Scotty dog). Now it is my collection of green glasses, which was once started by my mother, who was already collecting pink glasses for my older sister. The virus spread over to me and the green pieces conquer more and more space in my show cabinet. They are great for setting a nice, festive dinner table..



I grew up in a small village with a lot of green surrounding us. My father has green fingers and, even though it took a while, passed this love on to me. I now have a small garden that I plant as full as I can. The tomato plants turned out to be much bigger then expected, but it is wonderfull to see them grow and they taste delicious!



Just a snapshot of a part of our home. The lounge chair is a project that I worked on during a design internship at Stefan Diez in Munich. It is produced by E15. The sideboard is also designer by him for HAY. The bronze birds are made by Jacqueline van der Laan. She is a sculptor who makes a lot of birds and used to exhibit at my fathers gallery.

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